Practical Demo - How to Access Objective Truth

Preliminary Considerations

Why use past lives (something that can never be proven) in a demonstration about objective truth?

Simply put, the knowledge of past lives exists at the very lower levels of the Superconscious - Higher Consciousness. If we can access this level of consciousness, we can also access past life information. Past lives are associated with the Akashic Records and this is an objective record of all thoughts and actions across time and across different lifetimes.

As the greatest spiritual masters have pointed out, EVERYTHING is illusion, so we can be sure that while we can experience higher truth, we can never prove its existence. We know it must be there somewhere, however, or else Christ and the Buddha could never have attained Enlightenment and the degree of wisdom that they were able to demonstrate.

We unquestioningly accept everything that happens to us in our dreams, at least, while we are dreaming. We only get to realize that we have been dreaming upon waking up. Awaking from a dream can be seen as a metaphor for enlightenment.

People often wonder why it is that we come back looking very similar to how we appeared in our former existences.

This has to do with the residual self-image we retain of ourselves at the back of our minds.

This image stays with us when we enter dream states and also remains with us after death, when the spirit takes on a familiar form that the mind has grown accustomed to.

So while the information contained in the Akashic Records may pertain to journeys in illusory matrices, the information is still valid, because we are following the stream of consciousness. Just like we do when we keep a dream diary.

Preliminary Findings

Jordan Maxwell