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Pendulums Mean Self-Empowerment

Brianstalin is a Reiki Master Teacher, who has spent many years in the Far East. Healers who have daily access to the Akashic Records have taught him that accurate past life data retrieval requires simple and focused psychic techniques very similar to dowsing. Subjective psychic impressions tend to be heavily tainted, resulting in distorted and inaccurate data. This is mostly evident in deep trance states experienced by those under hypnosis and those mediums who channel disembodied "enlightened" entities, allowing these entities to inhabit their bodies, temporarily, and to speak through them. Dowsing, contrary to popular belief, is very objective and the information obtained by such means can be very unexpected and intriguing. A number of psychic techniques and investigations can then be used to test the data later. Pendulums are a good start, but sensitive dowsers can rely on increasingly subtle mental, physical and psychic vibrations and sensations. The conclusions reached by ego can never be a good substitute for lots of meditation and healing/energy work.

Past Life Readings by Brianstalin

Pendulum Power

For me the facial comparisons are done only after the pendulum reading is completed. The reading must be free from visual data or any prejudice. Our intuition actually intrudes and wrecks the process. The mind must be perfectly still and clear.
I think the facial comparisons have little worth except in soul groups.

The above comparison has nothing to do with reincarnation. They just look alike. If people start to create less than accurate past life databases and push them on us as genuine, we won't know any better.
We should demand teachers to teach us skills instead, don't you think? Then we have the power of deciding what is correct and not correct, what to believe and what not to believe.

I was interested in Walter's claim that he was John Adams. I feel that I am a well-intentioned researcher and that any public past life readings should be investigated and commented upon.

My feelings were that Walter had never been a president, but had been a king. I was led to France and Louis XVI.

This reading like most others was double-checked by other psychics who read the Akashic Records on a daily basis. This ensures no bias on my part. I still do not, however, demand people to accept it or believe it. It should be an invitation to explore the validity of past lives and the different methodologies to uncover them. I did this with a pendulum.

The facial similarity in the comparison below with John Adams is not very good. Why should using this picture of John Adams be less useful when comparisons are being made?

It has something to do with objectivity.

Facial comparisons are only coincidental with pendulum dowsing. To assess any past life reading we must tap into our higher guidance. How are we going to do this? Tools like pendulums are very good for this.

Facial comparisons should be used as rough guidelines. Sometimes the facial similarities are striking, sometimes a little vague. Certainly if we want to explore facial and body comparisons then views from several angles would be helpful and different ages of a life’s passage should be considered important, childhood, middle age and old age.

An accurate past life match can always be built upon without much effort. For instance, we find Kevin Ryerson as Louis XVIII, Louis XVI's (Semkiw's) brother!

This was, of course, after Ryerson had been John Bunyan, who incidentally was incarcerated for preaching without a license!

Please check these past life matches with a pendulum or any other psychic means at your disposal.
Kevin Ryerson incorrectly validates Peter Teekamp's conviction about being the reincarnation of the artist Paul Gauguin. In fact according to the Akashic Records Kevin Ryerson has yet to get ANY past life matches correct, but has had a few near misses.

Using just simple dowsing techniques it is clear that Teekamp is actually the reincarnation of Russian artist Ilya Repin who came to Paris and was exposed to French Impressionist painting


Going back to the 1600s, it turns out that a man called Richard Baxter was connected in some way with Bunyan.

Richard Baxter is another of Peter Teekamp's past lives!

Paul Gauguin was also a member of this soul group. He was the English Puritan minister John Preston.

Obviously past life matches are beyond proof, but any competent dowser or pendulum user can check the information by this method. Psychic or not, our untrained minds are drawn to any similarities or parallels. We need objective methods that other people can use to make sure that our conclusions are not so subjective that they actually create false data.


Under regression I found myself on a ship. It was 1834. Sailing to the West Indies. There was ill feeling aboard and a mutiny had been planned well in advance. I remember some of the startling vivid images. A man in the galley, smoking a clay pipe, playing a squeeze box. A black dog playing at his feet. Under hypnosis I could even recall his name.

It later transpired I was living as a Thai prince. Banished from Thailand, because of my mother's strong sympathies with the Christianity taught to her by missionaries, we set sail for London.

The first story may sound less fanciful, in some ways. But I ask myself why have so many reliable psychics supported the second story. Why have I lived for over 15 years in Thailand?

Can you see why I'm keen to test information from hypnosis? Keen to test even Edgar Cayce's readings? My hypnosis took place many years before meeting my pendulum teacher.

Perhaps there is yet a third version.

It's possible to see how my first story was a screen memory.

Banishment from a life of luxury was perhaps conveniently transformed into feelings of unrest and mutiny. Both stories had a sea voyage. One, away from England to beautiful tropical islands and with delightful expectation of defeating the tyrants in charge of the ship, the other, a voyage to London, where further problems awaited the unfortunate prince from Thailand.


Rama III

It seems that my father was King Rama III, who, according to the Akashic records is closely connected to the actor William Holden.
Strangely it was the book and movie,"The World of Suzie Wong", that led me straight back to the Far-East and eventually to my old home, Thailand.
In the movie, William Holden played Robert Lomax, an impoverished English artist who falls in love with the mysterious Chinese prostitute, Suzie Wong.

Beyond belief? My guides insist that is where reality and truth lie - a long way from our rigid belief systems. This is one reason that I'm in no particular hurry to write about past lives.

Erich von Stroheim

Similarly Erich von Stroheim has close connections to King Mongkut (Rama IV) Known as the “Father of Thai Scientists” and famous for his astrology.

Erich von Stroheim can be seen with William Holden in the movie, "Sunset Boulevard".

King Mongkut (Rama IV), (October 18, 1804 – October 1, 1868) was king of Siam from 1851 to 1868. Historians have widely regarded him as one of the most remarkable kings of the Chakri Dynasty. Prince Mongkut was the son of King Rama II and his first wife Queen Srisuriyendra, whose first son died at birth in 1801. Prince Mongkut was five years old when his father succeeded to the throne in 1809. According to the law of succession, he was the first in line to the throne; but when his father died, his influential half-brother, Nangklao, was strongly supported by the nobility to assume the throne. Prince Mongkut decided to enter the Buddhist priesthood and travelled in exile to many locations in Thailand. Prince Mongkut spent the following twenty-seven years searching for Western knowledge; he had studied Latin, English, and astronomy with missionaries and sailors. Prince Mongkut would later be noted for his excellent command of English, although it is said that his younger brother, Vice-King Pinklao, could speak even better English.

After his twenty-seven years of pilgrimage, King Mongkut succeeded to the throne in 1851. He took the name Phra Chom Klao, although foreigners continued to call him Mongkut. His awareness of the threat from the British and French imperial powers, led him to many innovative activities. He ordered the nobility to wear shirts while attending his court; this was to show that Siam was no longer barbaric from the Western point of view.

King Mongkut periodically hired foreign instructors to teach his sons and daughters English. Among teachers in the list were a missionary named Dan Beach Bradley, who was credited for introducing Western medicine to the country and printing the first non-government run newspaper; and an English woman named Anna Leonowens, whose influence was later the subject of great Thai controversy. It is still debated how much this affected the worldview of one of his sons, Prince Chulalongkorn, who succeeded to the throne.

Anna claimed that her conversations with Prince Chulalongkorn about human freedom, and her relating to him the story of Uncle Tom's Cabin, became the inspiration for his abolition of slavery almost 40 years later. It should be noted, however, that the slavery system in Siam was very different from that in the United States, where slavery was based on race. Slavery in Thailand was often voluntary and due to economic condition. One could be punished for torturing slaves in Siam and some 'slaves' could buy their freedom.

"Bishop Pallegoix states that slaves are 'well treated in Siam--as well as servants are in France;' and I, from what I have seen, would be inclined to go even farther, and say, better than servants are treated in England...

In small families, the slaves are treated like the children of the masters; they are consulted in all matters, and each man feels that as his master is prosperous, so is he...

Later scholars rely to a remarkable extent upon the conclusions of Jean Baptiste Pallegoix and Bowring. Bowring and Pallegoix are clearly the implied European observers behind Robert Pendleton's comment that "The slaves were, by and large, not badly off. European observers generally reported that they were better off than freemen servants in Western society" (1962:15). Citing Pallegoix, Bruno Lasker writes that "since they were essential to the support of their owners, they enjoyed a relatively humane treatment" (1950:58). Also citing Pallegoix, Virginia Thompson writes, "Though their condition varied...their status was always comparatively easy and generally humane"

Not only have scholars have argued that slaves were well-treated, but many have argued that the entry into servitude was the voluntary economic decision of the slave. Bowring cites as evidence "the fact that whenever they are emancipated, they always sell themselves again"

Leonowens' story would become the inspiration for the Rodgers and Hammerstein musical The King and I, as well as the Hollywood movies of the same title, which, because of their incorrect historical references and disrespectful treatment of Mongkut's character, were for some time banned in Thailand as the Thai government and people considered them to be lèse majesté.

Contrary to the popular belief held by some Westerners, Mongkut never offered a herd of war elephants to President Abraham Lincoln during the American Civil War for use against the Confederacy. He did offer to send some domesticated elephants to President James Buchanan, to use as beasts of burden and means of transportation. The royal letter, which was written even before the Civil War started, took some time to arrive in Washington DC, and by the time it reached its destination President Buchanan was not in office any longer. In his replying letter Lincoln, who succeeded Buchanan as the US President, respectfully declined to accept Mongkut's proposal, explaining to the King that American steam engines could also be used for the same purposes.

As a monk and Buddhist scholar, Mongkut worked to establish the Thammayut Nikaya, an order of Buddhist monks that he believed would conform more closely to the orthodoxy of the Theravada school. It was said that the newly-established order was tacitly supported by King Nangklao, despite oppositions to it by conservative congregations, including some princes and noblemen. Later, when Mongkut himself became King, he would strongly support his sect.

It was during his reign and under his guidance that Siam entered a treaty relationship with Great Britain. Sir John Bowring, Governor of Hong Kong, as representative of England, concluded the trade treaty (later commonly referred to as "the Bowring Treaty")with the Siamese Government in 1855. The Bowring Treaty later served as model for series of trade treaties with many other westerns countries, and historians often give credits to King Mongkut (and Sir John Bowring) for opening the new era of Siam's international commerce. These treaties, however, were also later considered an inequal treaty, and after Siam had been modernized, the Siamese government began negotiations to renounce the Bowring Treaty and other similar treaties in the reign of King Vajiravudh, Rama VI, grandson of Mongkut, a task that would not succeeded until well into the reign of Rama VII, another grandson of his.

One of King Mongkut's last official duties came in 1868, when he invited Sir Harry Ord, the British Governor of Straits Settlements from Singapore, as well as a party of French astronomers and scientists, to watch the total solar eclipse, which Mongkut himself had calculated two years earlier, at (in the King's own words) "East Greenwich longitude 99 degrees 42' and latitude North 11 degrees 39'." The spot was at Wakor village in Prachuap Khiri Khan province, south of Bangkok. Mongkut's calculations proved accurate, but during the expedition Mongkut and Prince Chulalongkorn were infected with malaria. The king died several days later in the capital, and was succeeded by his son, who survived the malaria.

For his role in introducing Western science and scientific mothodology to Siam, King Mongkut is still honoured to this day in modern Thailand as the country's "Father of Modern Science and Technology".

Reportedly, Mongkut once remarked to a Christian missionary friend: "What you teach us to do is admirable, but what you teach us to believe is foolish".

Sir John Bowring

It was during his reign and under his guidance that Siam entered a treaty relationship with Great Britain. Sir John Bowring, Governor of Hong Kong, as representative of England, concluded the trade treaty (later commonly referred to as "the Bowring Treaty")with the Siamese Government in 1855. The Bowring Treaty later served as model for series of trade treaties with many other westerns countries, and historians often give credits to King Mongkut (and Sir John Bowring) for opening the new era of Siam's international commerce. These treaties, however, were also later considered an inequal treaty, and after Siam had been modernized, the Siamese government began negotiations to renounce the Bowring Treaty and other similar treaties in the reign of King Vajiravudh, Rama VI, grandson of Mongkut, a task that would not succeeded until well into the reign of Rama VII, another grandson of his.The actor Ernest Borgnine has a connection to Sir John Bowring.

Rama I

King Buddhayodfa, the Great (Rama I) 1782-1809.

The first King of the Chakri Dynasty who moved the capital city from Thonburi to Bangkok and built the Grand Palace that houses the Emerald Buddha. He helped release Thailand from Burmese control after Ayuthaya succumbed 14 years earlier.

He may have a connection to one of the Hollywood Greats.

Can you guess who?

Cary Grant

Buddha Yodfa Chulaloke or Phutthayotfa, posthumously titled Rama I the Great, was King of Siam (now called Thailand) from 1782 to 1809, and the founder of the Chakri dynasty which rules Thailand to this day.

The future king was born on March 20, 1737 in Ayutthaya, his birth name was Thong Duang. He was born the son of Phra Aksorn Sundara Smiantra, a noble of the kingdom of Ayutthaya, who following the fall of Ayutthaya became Chao Phya Chakri at Pitsanuloke. After receiving his education in a Buddhist temple, his father sent him to become a squire for king Uthumphon, and it was at this moment that he met his friend Tak Sin, who would become King Taksin, Rama's future predecessor. After the fall of Ayutthaya, he rejoined the ranks of king Taksin under the name Chao Phraya Chakri. He was given the name Buddha Yodfa Chulaloke posthumously by king Rama III, Nangklao.

While serving as Taksin's general, Rama conquered Vientiane in 1778-79, putting the country under vassalage, and removing its Emerald Buddha and Phra Bang to Thonburi. In April 4, 1782, when Taksin was declared mad after a coup d'etat and was later executed, Rama assumed power, establishing the Chakri dynasty. He was crowned on April 6 as Rama I; the date is now Chakri Memorial Day, a public holiday in Thailand.

In 1785, the last of the Nguyen Lords, Nguyen Anh convinced King Chulaloke to give him forces to attack Vietnam (which was now under the control of the Tay Son brothers). However, the joint Nguyen-Siam fleet is destroyed in the Battle of Rach Gam–Xoai Mut in the Mekong delta region. Seven years later, Nguyen Anh with more help from the Siamese, stages a series of attacks on Saigon.

King Rama I continued Taksin's task of saving the newly reunited country from attack by Burma, and repulsed several Burmese invasions. Culturally, Rama I also reestablished the traditions of the country by salvaging Buddhist texts lost in the chaos after the sacking of Ayutthaya by the Burmese in 1767. He also moved the capital from Taksin's capital of Thonburi and built the new capital Bangkok.In his palace, the Wat Phra Kaew, to house the Emerald Buddha, and created a new code of laws, the Book of three seals. He appointed the first Supreme Patriarch of Thai Buddhism. As literature was his passion, he also wrote a Thai version of the Ramayana epos called Ramakian.

On his death, he was succeeded by his son prince Isarasundorn, who assumed the throne name of King Buddha Loetla Nabhalai (now posthumously titled Rama II).

Cary Grant, of course. Unbelievable? Outrageous? Nonsense?

Could it simply be the truth?


Dr Adrian Finkelstein writes:
My friend and colleague, Walter Semkiw, M.D., author of the awesome work he did on the reincarnation of famous personalities, published in his book: "Return of the Revolutionaries," suggested that I may post his e-mail addressed to me on this encounter board. It is in reply to my concern about the misleading advertisement in this forum, by B Stalin.

The following is Walter's take on this matter:

Dear Adrian,

Happy New Year!! Nice to hear from you, though I am sorry that the subject is a negative one. I understand your dismay in this person being derogatory and I hope that Shirley's staff puts an end to negative postings, but I wouldn't get too concerned. There will always be detractors. To me, it is not important whether Brianstalin is a supporter. Based on what you write, he is set on boosting himself up at the cost of others and anyone with insight should see through him. Anyone who claims to use a pendulum for establishing reincarnation matches does not have credibility except with other practitioners of the same. The main points we need to stress are the following: Our work features independently researched reincarnation cases, such as the Stevenson cases, Laird, Karlen, Peterson, Snow and other cases that involve direct past life memories which are later validated and demonstrate common facial features, personality traits, etc. Many of the people who we work with and who publicly support their own cases are highly educated, respectable, accomplished and credible. You, Adrian, have superb credentials and training. You are an MD who went to Menninger while Brianstalin has a pendulum. There is a huge difference in credibility. Anyone with insight and intelligence will discern this. Cases derived through Kevin account for only a portion of the cases we promote, though I have made sure that all are confirmed through Ahtun Re. Ahtun Re has been able to make matches involving obscure past life figures such as in the Neale Donald Walsch/Reverend William Walter case. There are many other cases in which Ahtun Re made matches involving unknown people. Brianstalin will not be able to match this feat, as he only tries to establish matches between well known figures, which is easy to hypothesize. My stance is that Kevin and I are doing a service for humanity, as we believe that the matches derived through Ahtun Re are accurate. We believe that the database we are establishing will be validated over time, though we don't expect everyone believe all the matches right away. Establishing the database is a starting point for further study. We also welcome other serious, well intentioned investigators, though we may not always agree with conclusions drawn. As you know, this is how science works, we make hypotheses and we try to prove or validate them. Though I haven't read any of his postings, it appears that Brianstalin is not a well intentioned researcher, rather, he is infatuated with his own intution, which may or may not be accurate. The important point is that people understand that reincarnation is a reality and that we can change race, religion and ethnic affiliation from lifetime to lifetime. Further, karma is real. Understanding these points will help make the world a more peaceful place and this really is the goal of the work that you, Kevin and I are doing. If Brianstalin attacks us, then he is more concerned with himself than the ideals that motivate us.We do need to be prepared to deal with all sorts of people along our way and we should pick our battles wisely. I will defend our work, though, in a worthwhile venue.

Best Wishes for the New Year! You and Sherrie have integrity and people can perceive that. Keep up the great work that you are doing.

Hugs, Walter

PS Feel free to post this to Shirley's group, but please don't include my e-mail address, as I don't want to get involved in the discourse any further.Posted on by Adrian Finkelstein in response to Brianstalin’s findings. It is strange that all of Dr Semkiw’s past life matches have to be confirmed through a trance channeler. How reliable is that? Trance channelers channel Astral entities and if these entities act as gate keepers to our higher consciousness, keeping the gates firmly closed, depriving us of higher truths, then we are being manipulated by the Astral realms, which is what people like David Icke are basically saying.
Differences of opinion:

Dr Semkiw states that Hans Christian King was Nostradamus.
Brianstalin and independent readers of the Akashic Records disagree and think that Hans Christian King has a closer connection with Julius Caesar Scaliger.

Dr Semkiw states that Rabelais became MichaelChrichton.

Brianstalin and independent readers of the Akashic Records disagree and think that Oliver Stone has a closer connection with Rabelais.

Dr Semkiw states that Reverend William Walter became Neale Donald Walsch.

Brianstalin and independent readers of the Akashic Records disagree and think that Alfred Tennyson became Neale Donald Walsch.

Dr Semkiw states that Barbro Karlen was Anne Frank.

Brianstalin and independent readers of the Akashic Records disagree and think that Barbro Karlen was Princess Margaret of Connaught who became the first wife of Prince Gustaf Adolf of Sweden.

Brianstalin also disagrees with any assertion that J. K. Rowling had been C.S. Lewis.

Instead he sees J K Rowling as Augusta Viktoria of Schleswig-Holstein, the wife of William II of Germany.

As for Charles Dickens Brianstalin sees a connection with John Hurt.

There no real way of proving who is right or who is wrong. Pendulums would certainly help, but it is not proof.


The trouble seems to be that there are either very few or absolutely no people in the United States who can read the Akashic Records accurately and teach this useful skill to other people. I have been fortunate to meet full-time healers who can read the Akashic Records and they taught me and guided me with this skill.
It is a basic healing tool and nothing else.

If we asked 12 different people about their impressions about specific past life matches, would we get 12 different answers? If we asked 12 different trance channelers and their "enlightened" entities about their impressions about specific past life matches, would we get 12 different answers? There is a much better chance of consensus with pendulum dowsers. There is a much better chance of consensus with full-time psychic healers who read the Akashic Records every day. These healers show good faith by actually teaching others to read the Akashic Records for themselves and for other people. The intention being to heal.

Robert Morris

Shirley MacLaine is identified in Revolutionaries as the reincarnation of Robert Morris, the "Financier of the Revolution" and a Signer of the Declaration of Independence. In an impromptu appearance, Walter was invited on-stage by Ms. MacLaine at her seminar entitled, "The Artist Within," at the Academy of Art College, San Francisco, on October 26, 2003. A three-way dialogue ensued between Ms. MacLaine, her audience of approximately 300 people and Walter, which lasted for well over an hour. Reincarnation, Walter's book and Ms. MacLaine's past life case as Robert Morris, were topics of discussion.Brianstalin maintains that Robert Morris has a much closer connection with Steven Seagal.

During the Revolutionary War, in December 1776, Morris stayed in Philadelphia when the rest of Congress ran away to Baltimore. He managed to borrow $10,000 to pay Washington’s troops. This helped to keep the Army together just before the battles of Trenton and Princeton.

In March 1778 Mr. Morris was chosen to sign the Articles of Confederation as a representative of Pennsylvania.

Morris's great wealth increased thanks to privateers that seized the cargo of English ships during the war. Morris owned many of the privateer ships, and also helped to sell off the English spoils as they came into port.

Immediately after serving in the Congress Morris served two more terms on the state legislature, from 1778 to 1781. While he was in the Pennsylvania Assembly Morris worked to restore checks and balances to the state constitution, and to overturn the religious test laws. During this time Thomas Paine, Henry Laurens, and others criticized him and his firm for alleged war profiteering. A congressional committee acquitted Morris and his firm on charges of engaging in improper financial transactions in 1779, but his reputation was damaged after this incident.

According to
Brianstalin, Thomas Paine reincarnated as Martin Scorcese.

According to
Brianstalin's research Henry Laurens became Walter Matthau.

Dr Semkiw states that General Charles Gordon became Osama Bin Laden.

Brianstalin thinks that General Gordon has a closer connection with Paul Newman.

Dr Semkiw states that President Andrew Jackson became John Kerry.


Brianstalin thinks that President Andrew Jackson has a closer connection with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Finally, Dr Semkiw states that David Rittenhouse became Carl Sagan.

Brianstalin and independent readers of the Akashic Records think that David Rittenhouse has a closer connection with Nicholas Cage.


Past life reading is not difficult. Accumulating past life data is not as important as teaching simple past life reading techniques. A fully comprehensive and accurate pastlife database already exists - it is known as the Akashic Records. We just need to learn how to access it and let go of our egos in order to read its contents accurately. Accuracy need not be adversely affected by subjectivity and ego.


Past life readings by

The truth is that Brianstalin rejects all the information obtained through manipulative means, such as hypnosis, deep trance channeling, logical deduction and strange personal experiences.

Brianstalin understands that certain altered states of consciousness produce what seems to be past life information, but in reality it is little more than imagination mixed with wishful thinking and input from malevolent energies close to the earth plane.

Using advanced psychic techniques based on Tantric Tibetan practices and advanced knowledge of Metaphysics, Brianstalin has broken through the demonic barrier created by lesser divinities, angels, Ascended Masters, ETs etc. that blocks humanity from experiencing objective truth.

Brianstalin has NEVER agreed with any of the information obtained by Walter Semkiw, Ryerson or others making loud noises in the media. The absurdity of this group seeking confirmation from people like the alleged faker Uri Geller speaks for itself.

Even people with good intentions can be unconscious puppets and automatons for the lower astral planes that are most easily accessible to us using deep trances (Kevin Ryerson) and hypnosis (Dr. Semkiw).

After an extensive study of metaphysics around the world, Brianstalin concludes that deep trances, including hypnotic trances can be manipulated by lower astral energies and entities to produce blatantly FALSE information.

Don't believe it? Investigate for yourself!

Do these lower astral entities and energies unite with the media that is owned and controlled by a small elite to participate in a conspiracy to keep our spiritual development dependent upon elite teachers and experts with evil and exploitative agendas?

I hope not, but what evidence is there that this is not the case?

If Walter Semkiw and Kevin Ryerson advocated more appropriate and non-manipulative techniques to access hidden data and were able to teach these to us AND if their unsubstantiated theories and past life matches actually corresponded with the information we can all find in the Akashic Records for ourselves, I'm sure Brianstalin wouldn't be able to find anything to criticize.

Billy Meier, for instance, has a better grasp of how divine universal law operates.

He explains that well over 90% of self-proclaimed psychics are channeling rubbish and are suffering from mental imbalance.

He also points out that higher intelligences always leave lesser intelligences plenty of room for doubt concerning what they are saying.

Semkiw needs us to believe his data and he goes to unusual and unsatisfactory lengths to do this - even getting alleged faker Uri Geller involved!

What does Uri Geller know about past lives and have any of these so-called experts received past life training so they are capable of assessing the material from an informed standpoint?

This vid at the bottom of this blog at present has received just over 2,000 views but Semkiw and his team are already trying to get it removed.

What is their problem?

There are plenty of forums where they can present their own refutations to Brianstalin's material.

What do they fear?

What are they worried about?

Perhaps it's merely a sign of mental imbalance or emotional immaturity?


Most of the biographical data relating to famous living, dead or reincarnated persons was either copied directly from articles found at Wikipedia or slightly modified. It therefore remains free under the GNU Free Documentation License (GFDL).

Past life readings were supplied by trained expert Brianstalin who has studied with various gifted healers and teachers including the Dalai Lama.

Brianstalin reminds us that although the Akashic Records remains the ultimate source of all knowledge, we must access this source directly in order to determine the truth of what he or anybody else is telling us.

Brianstalin's Past Life Research
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